Organizational Structure

cwvDm9asA3Lw9atmAbl5etGTDg 257NORA Executive Board

President: Curt Baxstrom, OD 253-661-6005 [email protected]
Vice President: Susan Durham, OD 919-361-2299 [email protected]
Secretary: Tracy Ammann, OD 307-856-9000 [email protected]
Treasurer: Susan Daniel, OD 760-434-3315

[email protected]

Past President: Carl Garbus, OD 661-775-1860

[email protected]

NORA Advisory Council

Nova Mc Nally, OTR/L   [email protected]

Jenny Garbus, COT, CBIS


[email protected]

NORA Executive Director



Conference Education Committee

Chair: Curt Baxstrom, OD and Tracy Ammann, OD
Members: Janet Berthiaume, OTR, Diana Ludlum,COVT,,Barry Kavanaugh, OD

Conference Organizing Committee

Chair: Jenny Garbus, CBIS

Information Committee

Chair: Norman Rose, OD
Members: Don Fong, OD, Tracy Ammann, OD

Membership Committee

Chair: Derek Tong, OD
Members: Chris Nelms, OTR, Janet Berthiaume, OTR, Kristy Remick-Waltman, OD

Website Committee

Chair: Kauser Sharieff, OD
Members: Curt Baxstrom, OD, Deborah Zelinsky, OD, Cathy Stern, OD

Curriculum Committee

Chair: Susan Daniel, OD
Members: Chris Nelms, OTR, Vincent Vicci, OD

Exhibitors Committee

Chair: Alma Privette, COVT and Sue Durham, OD
Member: Carl Garbus, OD, Tracy Ammann, OD

Student Program Committee

Chair: Sarah Lane, OD
Members: Kristy Remick-Waltman, OD, Carl Garbus, OD


Contributors: Curt Baxstrom, OD, Carl Garbus, OD, Jenny Garbus, CBIS

Awards Committee

Chair: Danny Gottlieb, OD
Members: Tracy Ammann, OD, Janet Berthiaume, OTR

Nominating Committee


NORA Administrative Office

28514 Constellation Road 
Office: 949 250-0176
[email protected]

Past Presidents

1991-1994 William V. Padula, OD
1994-1998 Vincent R. Vicci, OD
1998-2000 Thomas A. Politzer, OD
2000-2002 John A. Thomas, OD
2002-2004 Brenda Heinke-Montecalvo, OD
2004-2006 Eric Ikeda, OD
2006-2010 Don Fong, OD

Carl Garbus, OD


Curtis Baxstrom, OD


General Membership Meeting Minutes

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