Special Interest Journals on NOR

Brain Injury Professional Fall 2005 2(3) p.4-32.

    The role of optometry in the management of vestibular disorders-Cohen
    The rehabilitation of vergence and accommodative dysfunctions in traumatic brain injury-Fox
    Reading-related ocular motor deficits in traumatic brain injury-Ciuffreda, et.al.
    The diagnosis of visual unilateral spatial inattention-Suchoff
    Managing visual field defects following acquired brain injury-Suter and Margolis
    Vision rehabilitation following acquired brain injury-a case series-Hillier
Journal of the American Optometric Association 1992 63(8) p. 530-46.

    The effect of head trauma on the visual system-Cohen
    An overview of head trauma-etiology diagnosis and consequences of head trauma-Vogel
    An overview of head trauma-ocular damage associated with head trauma-Vogel
    The primary care optometric evaluation of the TBI patient-Falk, Aksionoff
    The differential diagnosis of perceptual deficits in TBI patients-Aksionoff, Falk
    Head trauma and low vision:clinical modification for diagnosis and prescription-Waiss, Soden
    Optometric therapy for the left brain injured patient-Aksionoff, Falk
    Optometric management of binocular dysfunctions secondary to head trauma:case reports-Cohen
    The utilization of a temporal mirror coating surface for field enhancement-Waiss, Cohen
    Clinical research and statistical analysis of a visual field awareness sytem-Gottlieb, et.al.
    Psychosocial aspects of vision loss associated with head trauma-Krantz
    The role of occupational therapy in rehabilitating stroke patients-Gutting
Journal of Behavioral Optometry 2007 18(3) p. 60-83.

    Oculomotor dysfunctions, their remediation and reading related problems in mTBI-Ciuffreda
    Military optometry in the care of traumatic brain injury patients-VanRoekel
    Measuring outcomes of neuro-optometric care in traumatic brain injury patients-Stelmack
    Peripheral visual field loss and visual neglect diagnosis and treatment-Suter
    Traumatic brain injury-a new challenge for optometry, NOR and our nation-Townsend
    Traumatic brain injury and the nation-Ciuffreda and Kapoor
NeuroRehabilitation June 1996 6(3) p.163-239.

    Post trauma vision syndrome and visual midline shift syndrome-Padula
     Visual rehabilitation of hemianopic head trauma patients emphasizing ambient pathways-Streff
    Rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury with associated visual dysfunction-a case report-Ludlam
    Photophobia in patients with traumatic brain injury-Jackowski,et.al.
    Enhancing decreased sight of patients with traumatic brain injury-Freeman and Jose
    Case studies of a new approach using parital and selective occlusion for treating diplopia-Politzer
    National prevalence rtes of traumatic brain injury among adults: the Canadian household-Willer
    Rehabilitation of visual processing deficits following brain injury-Raymond, et.al.
Optometric Vision Development 2009 40(1) p.16-50.

    Clinical oculomotor training in traumatic brain injury-Ciuffreda, Ludlam and Kapoor
    Myopia and accommodative insufficiency associated with moderate head trauma-Leslie
    Neuro-optometry and the United States legal system-Kadet and Bodkin
    Oculo-visual evalution of the patient with traumatic brain injury-Mandese
    Traumatic brain injury and binasal occlusion-Proctor