Annual Meetings


The NORA Multi-disciplinary Meeting is three days of lectures attended by optometrists, occupational therapists, physicians, psychologists, social workers, orientation-mobility specialists, and others from throughout the United States and the world. Tapes are available from many of the programs.

Past and Current Annual Meetings


2016 Reno, NV (information on front page floating banner) 

2015 Denver, Colorado

2014 Cary, North Carolina

2013 San Diego, CA 

2012 Memphis, TN

2011 Atlanta, GA

2010 Pomona, CA

2009 Portland, OR

2008 San Antonio, TX

2007 Charleston, SC

2006 Tucson, AZ

2005 Chicago, IL

2004 Boston, MA

2003 Long Beach, CA

2002 Cincinnati, OH

2001 New York, NY

2000 Seattle, WA

1999 Breckenridge, CO

1998 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

1997 San Diego, CA

1996 San Antonio, TX

1995 Chicago, IL

1994 Breckenridge, CO

1993 Washington, DC

1992 Stone Mountain, GA